Self awareness – and why it is better to ask yourself “what” instead of “why”

How do you feel today?  What made you laugh, what made you angry?  What went pretty well?  Was there something, you would like to change for the next time?  Are you having a good time? Do you think about those questions sometimes? If not – do not hesitate to do so: Scientists and organizational psychologists […]

How can you respond to the motivation and initiative crisis?

“There are three things to remember about education. The first is motivation. The second one is motivation. The third one is motivation.” — Former U.S. Secretary of Education Terrel Bell How is it working in actual classroom? When students are learning in hybrid and virtual classrooms, keeping engagement and ensuring motivation is more challenging than […]

What would the world be like without empathy?

Let us reflect for a moment. What is empathy? In the simplest terms, it is the ability to have compassion, to be able to understand another person’s emotional state, to be in a position to imagine and feel that person’s perspective on oneself. It is a skill, not an emotion.  Now imagine a world without […]