Desire to learn – a highly required competence in the nowadays labour market

In recent years the development in the labour market happens very rapidly. New businesses models appear, industries get consolidated, organisations are being constantly stretched and reshaped.  It requires both companies, organisations and individuals who are involved in the labour market to adapt, change and learn very quickly. Therefore, today learning to learn competence is something […]

A donkey is in college like a woman at science!

Once upon a time there was a donkey sitting in the lobby of a university… It could be the beginning of the fairy tale of Maurizio Cattelan, an artist who deserves an honorary degree in sociology by the University of Trento with the installation of a taxidermized donkey. In his speech he will talk about […]

Critical thinking in changing times

We live in very changing times. Life speed, technology, and globalization are very strong driving forces, changing the way we live, interact, learn and work. This means that there is a need to be selective in the way we consume information and think critically in order to make effective decisions. Critical thinking Critical thinking is […]

School as a laboratory of creativity

To introduce the concept of creativity we use the definition of one of the master guides of our work:Bruno Munari. The artist defines creativity as “everything that was not there before but is achievable in an essential and global way”. In his opinion creativity is the faculty that allows you to put together imagination and […]