Playing 4 Soft Skills: how to activate new competences through game and creativity

A new adventure has just started for Berlink, our training agency located in Berlin, for Axonforce, our technological partner, and therefore for ETN as a whole!

Over the summer, in fact, we have received good news from Germany! The project PLAYING 4 SOFT SKILLS, written by the EU project manager Nicolò Angelo which sees Berlink as leading partner of the consortium, has been selected by the German National Agency and admitted for funding by the European Commission.

The project PLAYING 4 SOFT SKILLS, in fact, falls within the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Commission fostering Cooperation for Innovation and exchange of good practices (Strategic Partnerships) and focuses specifically on the Vocation Education and Training sector (VET).  

PLAYING 4 SOFT SKILLS aims to develop innovative and non-formal educational tools, based on the development of a new game and a digital application, in order to help students to become aware, recognize and foster the activation of specific transversal skills (so called ‘soft skills’). 

The project includes the development of four different ‘intellectual outputs’: (1) the Soft Skills Evaluation report, which will be the result of a mapping out phase of transversal skills in the VET sector; (2) the Soft Skills Game Manual including the rules of the game that will be developed as part of the project; (3) the Sot Skills Training Notebook providing with a guide for teachers and educators to best perform as facilitators; (4) the Soft Skills Training App, a digital application aimed to further engage students in developing their soft skills. 

The objective of PLAYING 4 SOFT SKILLS is not only to engage VET students and help them to recognize, test and develop their transversal skills through play and creativity, but also to provide teachers, educational institutions and VET experts with new educational tools to integrate as part of their teaching activities.

The project is based on a partnership among 7 partners belonging to 5 different EU countries (Germany, Italy, Latvia, Spain and Poland) and which will therefore benefit from a large variety of experiences and expertise developed by all partners of the consortium in the field of formal and non-formal education. 

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Nicolò Angelo

Laureato Magistrale in Relazioni Internazionali – Scienze Politiche tra Londra (SOAS) e Ginevra (IHEID) e con un Master in Economia e Gestione del Turismo presso Ca’ Foscari (Venezia), dopo aver svolto un tirocinio alla Commissione Europea, Nicolò è diventato responsabile per la scrittura e gestione di progetti europei legati alla mobilità internazionale per il gruppo ETN. Lo appassionano i viaggi, la politica e il volontariato.

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