In the context of a globalized world and rapid technological changes, employers not  only look for professional skills and technical knowledge when selecting candidates,  but also prioritize these skills known as soft: creative thinking, conflict resolution,  communication, and negotiation. 

The Polish Multiplier Event was held at the Provincial Pedagogical Library in Nowy  Sącz on September 29, 2022. It was organized by the Salus Publica Foundation for  Public Health, with Michał Jasieński (vice-president) representing the foundation, and  by the Library leadership, with Director Alina Marek representing the host  organization. The main focus of the event was to present and practice the use of a  newly created board game that allowed for the activation and training of soft skills:  teamwork, conflict resolution, coping with stress, motivation, willingness to learn and  critical thinking. The game is aimed at young people from vocational high schools who will have daily contacts with clients in their professional life. 

The premiere of the game took place at the  

local pedagogical library, because it has a wide range of books and magazines on the subject of gamification and is an active place for promoting various educational initiatives. The library offered their space and tables were set  up with the necessary game materials. 

The event was attended by 90 students, accompanied by their teachers from 3 local  schools: the Fashion Industry Technical School at School Complex No. 3 in Nowy  Sącz, School Complex No. 4 in Nowy Sącz, and the Tadeusz Tański Car Engineering  School in Nowy Sącz.

Each school team received 5 sets of playing cards (80 cardboard multiple-use cards in  the set), playing boards, and two texts in Polish: 5 game manuals and one notebook  for teachers. 

Each student and teacher received also a certificate confirming their participation in  the event. The event was concluded with lunch hosted by the Salus publica partner. 

The “Playing for Soft Skills” project  

is carried out as part of the Erasmus +  program “KA202 – Strategic  Partnerships for vocational education  and training”. Organizations from  Spain, Latvia, Germany, Italy and  Poland participate in the project.  

Foundation “Salus Publica” for Public  Health, operating in Krakow, is a  Polish partner in the project, supporting research in the field of  public health (mainly in rural areas) and education focused on entrepreneurship and building a civic society.

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