The Soft Skills Tree – Game Manual: the second output of the project is online!

The second output of the project is online! It’s the Soft Skills Tree – Game Manual, the instruction manual containing the rules of a new educational game.

Here you can download the Manual ​​and the game material in in various languages!

The new game provide with a platform to engage students in a non-formal learning activity aimed at fostering the activation and development of their transversal skills.
It will also provide with a fundamental tool for implementing innovative learning tools and methodologies in the context of VET so to enhance student ability to activate and develop specific soft skills in a playful and creative way.

The game format give students the opportunity to be fully engaged throughout the learning activity and foster interactions among them, allowing the activation and further development of specific transversal skills.

As a result, the Soft Skills Tree – Game Manual, by explaining in details the game rules, context and objectives to participants, is a key tool for delivering the effective implementation of learning activities and fulfill the achievement of the project objectives.

The Soft Skills Game Manual is not only be useful for students, but also for the teachers involved in the implementation of the learning activities.
As such, whereas the educational game is particularly tailored to students needs in order to contribute to activating their transversal skills, the developed project output is highly beneficial to teachers: during the game, in fact, teachers will play an active role as facilitators and, in the context of the learning activities, this output will be useful for them to fully understand the dynamics of the educational game.

Teachers can download the Game Manual for free, in their language, directly here, to implement this learning activity as part of their daily teaching activities.

The Game activities will soon be available in Italian, Polish, Latvian, Spanish and German.

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