The Soft Skills Evaluation Report – insights into the first output of the Playing 4 Soft Skills Project

Exactly one year ago, we started our work on the 1st Output of the KA2 Playing 4 Soft Skills Project – the Soft Skills Evaluation Report. You can find the whole report on the Playing 4 Soft Skills Website: in English, German and Italian. The aim of the this report is to provide teachers, employers […]

Playing 4 Soft Skills: one year behind, one more to go!

Some reflections on the first year of the Playing 4 Soft Skills Erasmus Plus project Whoever is reading this post and happens to work in the field of project management is fully aware that a key factor for a successful project is periodical monitoring and evaluation of activities and results. This is particularly important especially […]

Play for soft skill: what are soft skills and how they can be useful for your future

If you started thinking about your future and your career, you should bear in mind that job market is constantly changing and you are growing up in a world that every day becomes more technological, where innovation relies on cutting-edge inventions.  For generation Z and Alpha people, it is essential to understand how to become […]

The value of developing soft skills in students’ education

As the world is becoming more technological and conformist, the labour market is constantly looking for factors that can make the difference. For many years, all economic resources were concentrated in “tangible” or “hard” things as money, products and instruments that allow companies to carry out tasks in the fastest way. Nowadays, rather than focusing […]

Becoming more European with Erasmus

Cultural awareness in the schools One of the key competences of lifelong learning – cultural awareness and expression – includes the ability to appreciate the creative expression of ideas, experiences and emotions, as well as active creativity in various expressions like music, arts, fine arts and literature. The European schools are increasingly using a competence […]

Messages from Marina Abramović about effective communication and performative art

Juan Antonio Espinosa  Through their works, artists continually explore the possibilities and limits of communication. The artistic message assumes different functions or meanings: sometimes it intends to transmit what the artist is feeling, other times it explains the situation that he is going through; sometimes, the work serves the artist to say what he thinks […]

How can you respond to the motivation and initiative crisis?

“There are three things to remember about education. The first is motivation. The second one is motivation. The third one is motivation.” — Former U.S. Secretary of Education Terrel Bell How is it working in actual classroom? When students are learning in hybrid and virtual classrooms, keeping engagement and ensuring motivation is more challenging than […]

What would the world be like without empathy?

Let us reflect for a moment. What is empathy? In the simplest terms, it is the ability to have compassion, to be able to understand another person’s emotional state, to be in a position to imagine and feel that person’s perspective on oneself. It is a skill, not an emotion.  Now imagine a world without […]

Desire to learn – a highly required competence in the nowadays labour market

In recent years the development in the labour market happens very rapidly. New businesses models appear, industries get consolidated, organisations are being constantly stretched and reshaped.  It requires both companies, organisations and individuals who are involved in the labour market to adapt, change and learn very quickly. Therefore, today learning to learn competence is something […]